Ia€™m An Overthinker Relationship An Underthinker & Ita€™s Heavy AF

Ia€™m An Overthinker Relationship An Underthinker & Ita€™s Heavy AF

The things I like about my personal sweetheart is the fact that he’s confident as hell, although not in a conceited type of way

In my view, there is nothing bad than someone that does not envision vitally about items and simply floats through existence, letting the wind go them in just about any direction. Somehow, we ended up with a man exactly like this. As opposed to spending some time exploring, analyzing, and creating various results each circumstances like i really do, my personal boyfriend a€?wings ita€? (their keywords, perhaps not mine) half enough time and it’s more aggravating benefit ever. To state our very own relationship is actually challenging is putting it lightly.

As an overthinker, I’m normally very observant and that I discover meaning in everything. My boyfriend doesn’t. He wouldn’t actually determine a lady examining your out unless that female was dressed in a Ducks jersey, whereas we discover and watch every little thing. This is exactly frustrating personally because i am constantly yelling at him to be therefore totally unaware of their surroundings. Like, #STAYWOKE, dude.

It was very difficult for us in the beginning, or maybe it had been simply hard in my situation. We overanalyzed his text messages want it is no body’s company. I’d drop sleep on the cycle he decided to set at the conclusion of a sentence and it was actually genuinely stressful. Luckily, when I happened to be more comfortable with him, i truly opened up as to what I had to develop your doing in terms of texting (that has been full phrases, clear emojis, and timeliness). Yes, i am mindful I appear crazy!

He simply oozes self-assurance because the guy life their lives without much attention. He’s like HBO, you know? No restrictions. The guy doesn’t become constrained by his notice like I do.

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