Pretty pink nail polish colors are super feminine

Pretty pink nail polish colors are super feminine

Neon and bright bubblegum pink aside, choosing a hue from the pink color family symbolizes relaxation. Ahh. “Soft colors like pale pinks, creamy beiges and even variations of bright colors like . coral can definitely add to a relaxed state,” Gerry Holford, a manicurist at Paintbox nail studio in New York City, confirmed when speaking to HuffPost.

That’s not all pink nail polish color says about you, though. Pink nails also reveal that you have a feminine and flirty personality, according to Katie Saxton, nail expert and president of Custom Nail Solutions. “Polish your nails with pink hues whenever you want to show off your girly and sweet side!” the expert advised when speaking to Shape.

If you’re not sure which shade of pink is for you, you should know that pink nail inspo is everywhere on Instagram. As of this writing, #PinkNails generates some 2.7 million results. Whatever your color ends up being – muted blush or ’90s mauve – you can guarantee it’s on the social networking platform.

Nude and taupe nail polish colors show that a person is “unfussy”

Much to neutral nail fans’ chagrin, neon nails steamrolled right over the barely-there trend. “That’s right, folks: It appears that nude is out and neon is in this summer,” Allure reported in . Neon colors , but these two color families attract two very different personalities.

While neon nails are perfect for people who want to stand out, nude nails, on the other hand (pun totally intended), are chosen by people with decidedly “unfussy” personalities, according to Michelle Saunders, Essie’s celebrity manicurist. This type of manicure can be seen as “low-maintenance,” the expert told Cosmopolitan.

Although choosing a nude nail polish color seems like it would be easier than picking out a neon shade, the process is, well, kind of high maintenance. Adeline Sarino, national director for nails at Red Door Spa, told Today that it’s important to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Doing so will work with – not against – your complexion.

Youthful people don white nail polish colors

If your go-to nail polish color is solid white, you’ve basically found the fountain of youth. Okay, okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but, nevertheless, a white manicure points to a youthful personality. “It’s fresh and very chic,” Gerry Holford, a manicurist at Paintbox nail studio in New York City, said of an all-white manicure in an interview with HuffPost. “It works on all ages and lends an element of youth to anyone wearing it.” Holford revealed that it had actually become her “favorite” manicure – and it’s easy to see why.

Even if you do have a super playful and youthful personality, though, white monochrome nails may not always work as intended. “Avoid white if your skin tone is cool and super pale,” Jocelyn Petroni, Chanel manicurist, told Marie Claire. White is, however, a great choice for medium and warm skin tones. “Its neutral and clean finish complements the nails and makes them look healthy,” the expert explained.

It’s also advised to pair white polish with a particular nail shape. “A short, natural nail shape will wear white polish best,” Petroni explained. “It complements the hands without becoming too stark or heavy set.”

Nail accents reveal a lot more than nail polish colors do

Whether you accent your nails quietly or loudly, you’re telling a story. Celebrity nail artist Miss Pop told Seventeen that studded accents reveal that you like to look like a tough cookie, but you’re actually a softie. If you accent your nails with a painted floral pattern, this not only shows that you’re polite and sweet, but a trustworthy and responsible person, according to the manicurist.

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