She acknowledges during the Dinner at the Lola’s you to definitely she enjoys the entire group, including Emma

She acknowledges during the Dinner at the Lola’s you to definitely she enjoys the entire group, including Emma

Jessie Novoa

Emma and you may Jessie found from inside the Twisted Cousin immediately after Jax brought the lady so you’re able to Emma. He has spoke temporarily, but appear to get

together carefully. Inside Monkey face Emoji, Jessie foretells the woman on being a great witch and obtaining vitality. Emma tells the lady if she’s questions, please inquire the woman anytime Later on, she takes Jax’s cellular phone and messages, Emma, to get to our house. Emma, considering Jax is during trouble, rushed over. She is a tiny troubled one Jessie imprisoned him, however, forgave this lady. Jessie brought the lady so you’re able to the woman and you can Jax’s dad, who invited her set for beverage. Emma enjoys supper with her, Jax, and you may Liana, and soon after covers her when Jake Novoa quickly appears from the the newest Van Pelt family. Emma hides Jessie during the Maddie’s cupboard after Jake Novoa comes up on Van Pelt quickly. Jessie thanked Emma just after she leaves a safety ripple to the girl house. Jessie then attempts to help save Emma after realizing the lady mom is actually power-eager and intends to eradicate Emma. Emma thank you so much the woman that have an embrace immediately following she conserves this lady and you may Andi on the orb.?

Tony Myers

In Year step 1 they both seem to get along unless of course it’s regarding Daniel. The guy helped her together with her secret and you may preparing for the latest

eclipse. Emma has stated inside Beach Ball one to Tony is a good buddy. Tony in addition to asked the lady to Coastline Basketball and she acknowledged. They]after that appear together and you may Daniel is actually immediately envious. Tony are the following one to discover you to definitely Emma try an excellent witch and you will don’t share with individuals regarding the their miracle and this provided so you can Emma maybe not erasing their memories. He including aided save yourself Emma and you may Diego on the Dominant and in the course of time defeats the woman.Tony got a single-sided crush on Emma into the Year 1 and he didn’t come back when you look at the year dos, step three, otherwise 4.

Katie Rice

Due to the fact Maddie and you may Emma was opponents, Maddie has actually educated Katie in order to hate Emma approximately she’s got. Katie are Maddie’s second-in-command and you may during the Inside the Year 1, Katie including disliked one Emma and you can Daniel was indeed matchmaking and you can advised Maddie one to Daniel perform usually reconcile with her up until Emma turned up.

They don’t really work together far in the Season 2. Throughout the Zero-Bed Sleepover, Katie helped Maddie find out if Emma however got her energies. She and additionally Andi, Sophie, and Maddie, asked the T3 which will make a material trick that will discover the brand new abyss and save Emma and you can Daniel. During the Seasons 3, she admits to everyone one Mia is out to locate witches, especially Emma. Throughout the 12 months 3 Katie is seen shielding Emma up against Maddie love and seek reviews on times.

For the 12 months 4, she assists Emma come across Daniel, regardless of if she will not consider him. Immediately following Daniel travels back using them so you’re able to Miami, she do just what she will to aid Daniel rating his memories back. She next activates Emma shortly after discovering she desires to wreak havoc on big date once more. However, it appear to be to regular once permitting this lady up against Liana and Emma perhaps not flipping straight back big date.?

Sophie Johnson

Inside Season step one Sophie had the extremely respect for Emma out of the many Panthers and you may wanted Emma to make Beau straight back to the

an effective lizard (Instead of Maddie). There is certainly little interaction among them in the 12 months dos, step 3, cuatro as well as the times Sophie aided help save Emma of possibilities. In the I am going to Prevent the Community Sophie helped rating Emma and you will Daniel out of the abyss and she cautioned Emma regarding the Evil Desdemona looking to trap this lady. Sophie is actually instructed not to instance Emma by Maddie, which stored an effective grudge against Emma getting “stealing” Daniel of their from inside the Year 2, and being the Selected One, and that Maddie seems to be envious on. Into the Season 3, she, Emma, Andi, Jax, and you may Maddie all believe Mia can be no-good, which help cut this new wonders realm regarding exposure by Gigi. She, and Maddie, Katie, Diego, and you will Lily, comes with Emma in her own trip discover Daniel inside 12 months cuatro, even when she does not faith he can be obtained. She with the rest of the class make an effort to end the lady off flipping back date, afraid of the consequences.

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